Indonesia, 2023.

My name is Emanuele. I’m thirty-something and from Europe. I enjoy learning, reading, and writing. I’m pursuing a degree in Criminal Law and a Master’s in Artificial Intelligence. I am also a Chartered IT Professional.

I am the founder of the following organizations:

  1. Mäd A consultancy at the intersection of design, technology, people, and process with clients across the globe.
  2. Blue A project management software serving over 6,000 organizations across 120+ countries in 17 languages.
  3. Habits — A data-driven habit-tracking application for true personal transformation.

We only have a limited amount of time, so it’s essential to use it wisely. I’m honoured that you chose to spend some of your time reading my essays. I hope you find it was worth the effort.

My essays have no specific topic in common; the only commonality is that I wrote them. I call them my “notes on everything”. I write because teaching is the best way to learn. Writing helps me make sense of my ideas and straightforwardly express them.

There are 491,127 words across 429 essays, enough to fill several books.

A person who goes to a philosopher should carry away with him something or other of value every day; he should return home a sounder man or at least more capable of becoming one.”


I don’t consider myself a philosopher, but I hope anyone who reads my essays can return home a sounder person!