The World’s Best Onboarding.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the onboarding process for Blue, and how this could be made better. We had various technical issues in the last six months, but these are resolved and so we are ready to go back into growth mode.

So now it is a question of strategy, getting the right partners, and then executing well.

I am strongly considering removing the self-sign-up option and only allowing people to go through a high-touch onboarding process, similar to what the company Superhuman did for their email product.

So then the question becomes, how to design the world’s best onboarding process?

In fact, what does “best” even mean?

Well, I think this has to be viewed from two perspectives. The first is from the viewpoint of Blue, and the second is from the viewpoint of the customer.

From the viewpoint of Blue, the best onboarding is the one that ensures that the largest percentage of onboarding calls lead to paying customers that then go on and stay on our platform for a long time. In other words, optimising for LifeTime Value (LTV).

From the customer’s point of view, it should be about getting “hmm, this is interesting” to the “aha” moment where value is created. They want a process that is designed and tailored to meet their specific needs; they do not want to be treated like a number. They should feel as if they are the only customer in the universe and that they are assisted every step of the way to be successful.

This is especially true in the case of Blue, because of the nature of the platform. We’re asking organisations to map their processes to Blue and make it an integral part of their daily workflow.

That requires a lot of trust!

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