At one point I had the temptation to add a © sign at the bottom of every essay on this website to make sure that people knew it was my work.

Then I realised that this not only wasn’t required but was downright counterproductive. After all, what the hell was I going to do anyway if someone was going to copy my writings?

And by the way, this has actually happened for some of the essays on this website.

The answer: absolutely nothing. I’ve got more important things to do with my life than to search the web looking for people who are stealing my content.

So the easiest way is to make it impossible to steal it by making sure not to copyright the work, which is exactly what is happening from this day onwards.

Everything on this website is completely uncopyrighted.

This means that anyone is free to copy, distribute, or modify any content on this site without asking for permission.

It would be appreciated if:

  • You give a link back to the original essay.
  • You mention that I wrote it
  • You use a rel=canonical tag to the original URL on this website

However, that’s all optional — life is too short to worry about these things.

I did have the option of making everything copyleft, which means that anyone using this my work, would need to give the same freedom to other people, but again that is unenforceable from my side, so what’s the point?

I recently wrote about being careful about examining the difference between what people say and the actions they take. This is an action I am taking to further commit to the ideas I present on this website, namely simplicity and minimalism, Stoicism, and continuous education.

So all the work here is now fully in the public domain, and I am genuinely excited to see what others do with it.

All the best,