100 Small Changes.

I read somewhere that making small changes in life can have an outsized impact that is not immediately obvious—tidying your room, clearing your email inbox, sorting through your closet, washing the dishes, decluttering a cupboard.

These things don’t take much time, but there is a certain inertia about these boring actions. This is not how we imagine life is supposed to be. Dishes should magically clean themselves, and nobody spends time tidying up their room in movies and novels.

But in real life, these small actions can make a big difference. A tidy room is more relaxing and encourages better sleep. A clear inbox reduces stress and makes it easier to find important information. Sorting through your belongings and removing clutter can save time and money. Washing the dishes prevents illness and keeps your kitchen clean.

This stuff feels like it is below us, like we should be focussing on more important things. But, this is life. No parts are optional; you have to do what you must. So, instead of fighting or resisting all these small things, we can embrace them.

Stacking up small changes can be impactful. If you start tallying all the small changes up and get to 100, your life will be significantly better, for what turned out to be very little effort.

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