Attention & Advertising Trends.

There has been a trend in the advertising industry of ad-spend moving from traditional advertising (TV, Billboards, etc.) to digital advertising (Google and Facebook Adverts).

I have spoken before about how the advertising industry is quite a horrific industry, hell-bent on subverting your willpower to make you crave things you don’t need. But, while it does so by playing on basic human insecurities, there is also an upside here.

As advertising becomes more centralized, with Facebook and Google taking the lion’s share of online digital advertising spend, it gets easier to block all this advertising by using one of many available tools that automatically block all adverts as your browse the internet.

OR, just by not using those services.

For every dollar that is spent online, it is one dollar not spent in the real world, and so that means that there are fewer billboards and signs to blemish real life (and the type that cannot be ignored easily).

So in some ways, things are getting better.

Of course, you are what you think. And in the long term, that will seep into your actions. If you spend enough time thinking about life and how to live it, not even advertising will be able to sway you from a good path, one that avoids the default life philosophy of Enlightened Hedonism.

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