All Work Takes 25 Minutes.

The humble Pomodoro, I’ve written about this before—a simple 25-minute timer, where you focus only on the task at hand, with no distractions.

I have a hate-love relationship with this technique, but I have been firmly back in the love camp for the last year. It is almost like magic. I put my headphones on and play some light music, and the rest of the world disappears while I focus on the one task that I need to do.

It does not matter if I finish the task that I have set myself within the 25 minutes, but just knowing that I have applied myself fully for that time means that I couldn’t have done anything better, and that is undoubtedly the definition of good enough?

And I find it surprising that most tasks can be completed in that time frame, or at least they need a few Pomodoros to be completed.

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