Boredom as a Strategy.

Boredom is something that is universally disliked. Throwing people into long term solitary confinement is thought of as one of the worst possible punishments.

But, it can serve as a purpose. Some use boredom as a way to focus the mind, to tame the monkey that lives inside our heads. Get bored, and observe your mind wandering. Why are you frustrated? Why do you want the current moment to pass?

This type of reflection, essentially a type of meditation, can significantly change you as a person if you do it regularly enough.

But, there are is also a more tactical use for boredom. If you need to get something done, go into a room and get bored, and only give yourself the option of doing that one thing as an alternative.

We do not find thing interesting or boring in an objective manner, but instead it is subjective. Things are boring compared to the alternatives.

So perhaps after an hour of staring at the blank wall, your overdue report does start to appear quite interesting.

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