Doing The Unscalable.

I am quite fond of small companies because while they cannot necessarily do earth-shattering things that large enterprises can, they do have certain advantages.

For starters, they are much closer to their customers, but also they can do things that don’t scale, and in many ways, that is a big competitive advantage.

For instance, personally calling every single person that signs up for your new application might seem crazy, impossible, and a complete waste of time to a large enterprise…and it is!

However, if you’re tiny, and you go and do something so crazy, especially if you are the founder, you’ll leave an incredible impression in the mind of your customers.

Imagine how you would feel if you signed up for a service and the owner/founder called you personally ten minutes later to thank you for signing up and asking you to get in touch if you need anything at all.

While some may find it annoying, others will be completely blown away.

So when you’re small, do the unscalable, and offer the incredible user experience that you will never be able to offer when you grow up.

You’ll learn certain nuances, and in these early days, the line between being successful and failing is very thin, so every small step counts.

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