On Dictation.

Lately, I’ve been exploring dictation instead of writing and I do find it to be quite significantly better than writing for various reasons.

I can record an audio note on my phone while walking or even while lying in bed. This is much more comfortable than sitting in a chair at a computer. Later, I can transcribe it.

I use OpenAI’s Whisper, which is an open-source transcription service.

Sometimes, I type on my MacBook using Apple dictation. It generates text as I speak. However, it is less accurate than OpenAI. So, I stop and correct all the mistakes instead of continuing with my thought.

I’m a fast typist. On a good day, I can type 80 to 100 words per minute. But when I talk, my train of thought is continuous and more efficient. My sentences are longer when I talk, but I can edit them down to make them more information-dense.

But that’s fine, at least I get the ideas down nicely, and it’s pretty straightforward. So yeah, it’s both easier and it’s also actually quite different in terms of the output.

I recently read the biography of Churchill. He was renowned for dictating rather than writing. No secretaries were needed as we now have the technology. I believe it’s simpler to dictate around 1,500 or 2,000 words daily, which adds up quickly.

I often wonder if I can write 3,000 or 4,000 words a day. This would make it much simpler for me to produce essays and even books.

I often ponder the difference between typing 1,000 words a day and dictating 5,000 words a day over a few years. It’s immense! It could even lead to the creation of entire new books.

I’m wondering if dictation is good practice for public speaking. I rarely do it, but talking continuously on a specific topic without pause, could help me in the future if I get more leadership roles that require me to speak in public.

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