Stable Habits.

I am someone who lives the highest quality of life only when I have stable habits. I think a lot of people are the same.

This can be difficult to do when travelling, and my experience of being on the road for the last 18 months has been variable. When I have stopped in one place for a few weeks at a time, I quickly find myself going into a routine of daily habits and enjoying it immensely.

However, stable habits need to be tempered as well because otherwise, we run the risk of each day on of our lives being practically the same. We need to create meaningful differentiation, and I think the way to do this is to constantly push ourselves to improve in each sphere of our lives.

So while one may have a habit of writing, both the quality of the writing and the quality of the experience can change over time, which is a true differentiating factor. How deeply one concentrates and how much care and attention to detail you decide to have can change the experience of consciousness.

Meditation is a very interesting example because one is sitting down and doing nothing at the most basic level. This, one would assume, should be rather boring. But, this is only if you are not paying enough attention to the meditation experience.

Doing the “same” thing repeatedly will lead to deeper insights.

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