The Power Of Words.

The ability to write is incredible. Stringing together symbols in specific patterns can convey ideas across space and time.

Some of these ideas can become very powerful, they can change the world. So it is interesting to think that with the right combination of words, one after another, you can create almost any type of change in the world.

With the right ideas, delivered to the right people at the right time, almost anything can happen.

I find this quite amazing. There is a specific combination of, let’s say, 100,000 words that are guaranteed to become a best-selling book next year.

Of course, the difficulty lies in figuring on which combination of 100,000 words is required. And each individual word in itself is not that important, but together as a whole they represent ideas that millions, or billions, of people, can relate to.

I have ambitions in the future to write a book, but I don’t know what the topic will be. My feeling is that perhaps writing a book is akin to sculpture. There is a block of marble, and the statue is already within the marble, it is just about removing what is not required and carefully shaping what is left.

I easily write over a million words each year between my journal, my professional writing, and emails, and these essays. And yet, most of this writing is relatively unimportant, it is day-to-day ideas that have little longevity.

So perhaps the name of the game is to spend less time writing emails, and more time writing down ideas that will actually create change.

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