Walking and Thinking.

Walking is the right pace for a human being. We’re not evolved to move much faster, and even when we do, it is for limited time. There is enough time to notice the world, to see new things come into your view of consciousness from afar. As they get closer, new details emerge. As you are walking past, perhaps other senses activate. There is a smell and a sound; perhaps you can brush your hand against the item in question.

I notice that my best thinking is done directly on a walk or in the hours following a walk. It is as if all the thinking, ideas, and information I have gathered in my mind become organized by the methodical motion of walking. The murky ideas become clear, the jumbled information on a subject starts to take some order, and critical insights emerge.

This is not something new. Many individuals throughout history, from Beethoven to Steve Jobs, have used walking as a pathway to creativity.

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