The Promise of a New Month.

The start of a new month always brings ideas of a fresh start. This is even more true when it is the start of a new year, or perhaps a new decade of your life.

However, it is important to note that we actually have a fresh start every single morning when we wake up, regardless of the day. We can start again at any time — if we decide to do so.

That said, one can achieve a surprising amount in a month, and it appears to be the perfect timeframe for reviewing progress. It is enough time to begin to develop positive new habits or defeat old negative ones. It is enough time to be able to look back and see noticeable changes from the start of the month.

What I like to do is track small daily habits each day, and then compare my totals between each month. A simple example might be the number of pushups that one does every day. Day in, day out, you may not notice large improvements. You might only be doing a few more pushups each day!

But, when you add the totals for the month and compare them to the previous month, this can add up to a significant improvement. If you do each month, and then also compare progress across the years, you can completely change your life within five years.

You can literally be a different person.

This relentless focus on daily habits with a long-term viewpoint is where the good things in life happen.

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