Hello World.

So this is it, my small piece of the internet.

I’ve been writing on and off for the last ten years, and I’ve decided to make a more serious effort in my public writing. I generally write at least 2,000 words of my thoughts each day in a private journal. Some of these thoughts may be interesting to the outside world as well.

What you’ll find on this website are my ideas and reflections on the following topics:

  • Philosophy. This is with a specific focus on how to flourish in life and how to make sense of what it all means. I’m a big fan of simple psychological techniques like reframing and visualization. These techniques help to find the best of what life has to offer.
  • Business. I like to think of myself as a contrarian in the business world. How can we humanize work with modern management techniques? How can we ensure that we can run sustainable yet innovative businesses that are forces for good?
  • Global Problems. The world is changing fast and in interesting ways. There is a convergence of technologies that will completely alter the way we live. The future may look bright, but it is not guaranteed to be so.

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