How We Treat Animals.

In most countries, if you took a knife and brutally killed your pet dog or cat, you would face severe consequences. There are laws preventing cruelty to animals.

And yet, each year billions upon billions of animals face squalid conditions and painful deaths in order to feed our addictions.

Our addiction to their flesh and also to the consumer products that are derived from them, such as leather shoes and crocodile skin handbags.

And this is not only completely legal, but every person knows about it.

In science fiction movies we portray evil aliens that come to our planet to simply consume our resources, or, Matrix-style, futuristic robots that keep us trapped to use us as resources.

And yet, this is exactly how we act today with our use of the animals that we share our planet with. I am also guilty, while I generally try to be vegan, I am often vegetarian, and I also own various leather goods.

My feeling is that one day we will look back at this time of history with its factories of death and ask:

What the hell were they thinking?

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