Planning Life Without a Plan.

I often get caught up in over- planning.

My idea is that if I just write down my goals as precisely as possible, and then break them down into yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and then daily goals, all will be good.

However, I have found that I do not have the discipline or consistency to manage this process.

Life happens, time passes, and I often forget my goals. A few years ago when I turned 30 I started to write in my daily journals “Day 1/3650” for my 30s. Last time I did was that was day 440 something, and then I started again yesterday and it was over day 900.

However, just because we do not have a detailed and granular plan for our lives, does not mean we must be without aim. Deep down, we often (perhaps always!?) know what is the right choice, especially the right long-term choice.

And if we are constantly making the right choices, the compound interest of these decisions can take care of a lot of the details in the long run.

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